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Shades of Gray Make The Day

Wild Burro Wash & Trail 1/15/23


Hiking the Tortolita Preserve or the Tortolita Mountain Trails on a cloudy, pre-storm day is just as beautiful as hiking on a sunny day. It can also be more exciting depending on wind, rain and maybe thunder/lighting!

Very early this morning I hiked the Wild Burro-Alamo Springs/Spur Loop Trails. This is a 5.6 mile hike with an elevation gain of 850 feet. Nice, cool, quiet and only got a few sprinkles. See track map below.

Here is a collage of photos taken this morning (left to right and down--you click on each photo to enlarge); (1) Old Stone House, (2) Wild Burro Trail steep section-A, (3) Wild Burro Trail-steep section B, (4) Saguaro arm ends turning white and getting ready for Spring bloom, (5) Marana View-Alamo Springs & Bench, (6) Upper Wild Burro Wash Valley, (7) Alamo Springs Trail-just groomed nicely by Marana Park & Recreation staff, (8) Marana View from Alamo Springs Trail, (9) Confluence of Alamo Springs and Spur Trails, (10) Marana View from Spur Trail, (11) Chuparosa-Wild Burro Wash and (12) Costa's Hummingbird.

Have a beautiful cloudy week!


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