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Alert! Tortolita Preserve Closed

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Good morning Tortolita Alliance (TA) Members. Last evening a TA Member noticed someone posting a notice on Tortolita Preserve (TP) signage at the North Trailhead. The notice indicates that all State Trust Lands are Closed To All Recreational Use Due To Extreme Fire Danger. See notice on the photo above. The Arizona State Land Department has issued a News Release regarding this statewide public land closure.

The same notice was posted on the Moore Trailhead Entrance Gate. See photo left.

TA has confirmed with Marana Park & Recreation (MPR) that indeed TP is closed to all recreational use as TP is Arizona State Trust Land leased by Marana.

MPR will be conducting some additional posting and issuing a public press release soon.

TA will be monitoring the situation and will keep you informed when the closure will be lifted. Some nice monsoonal rain will probably do the trick!


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