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Bird Safe Buildings Program

Join the Bird Safe Buildings Program & Become a Citizen Scientist!

In one year, 365 million to 1 billion birds die from window collisions in the US. The Tucson Audubon Society is joining the ranks of other cities by enacting a Bird Safe Buildings Program.

Every year, millions of birds migrate through Arizona, a major migratory flyway. For birds traveling over land, often stopping over unsuitable habitat, lights and reflections of a metropolitan area can be confusing. This often causes collisions and, in turn, injuries and fatalities. The Bird Safe Buildings Program will allow Tucson Audubon to gather important data that will identify problematic buildings around Tucson. Volunteers are currently gathering data on bird strikes in downtown Tucson, but there are ways you can make a contribution to this study from your own home.

Most of the bird window fatalities happen in residential areas in low-rise buildings. While birds feed and interact in their habitat, they often confuse reflected habitat, as well as habitat seen through windows, and fly into glass. Birds that hit windows die, get injured or become stunned and highly susceptible to predators. Many Tucsonans are actively working on making their yards wildlife-friendly and are ready to take action in their homes to protect the birds.

Here are a few quick and easy ways you can contribute:

  1. Go to Tucson Audubon’s Bird Safe Buildings Program Website and learn more about the program and how to prevent window strikes at your home.

  2. Register to become part of the Bird Safe Buildings Program Registration Page and receive a free decal and certificate.

  3. Contribute to the database of window strikes in our area by reporting them on the Tucson Audubon Bird Window Strikes Survey Page.

If you have questions about the program and volunteer opportunities please contact Olya Phillips at


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