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Dove Fire Aftermath

Marana Councilperson-Elect Jackie Craig and the Highlands Hiking Club hiked the Wild Burro/Loop/Ridgeline Trails on 9/25/20 and sent the following powerful photos of the damage from the Dove Fire (942 acres contained on 8/31/20). Thanks to Jackie and the Highlands Hiking Club for the hike and providing these photos.

The photos are taken at the confluence of the Wild Burro, Loop and Ridgeline Trails (see map below-upper right) which is about a 6 mile hike (one-way) from the Wild Burro Trailhead near the Ritz-Carlton.

Looking East From Windmill At Goat Coral-Entire Hill Burned

Spotty Damage At Goat Coral

Yuccas and Desert Spoons Burned To Ash

Ridgeline Trail-Looking South Toward Alamo Springs-See Orange Fire Retardant

Ridgeline Trail

Ridgeline Trail


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