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Dove Mountain Development Status June 2021

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Dove Mountain Development 101

A little background about Dove Mountain Development is provided here to help fully understand the complexities of this large development.

Dove Mountain Specific Plan (DMSP)-the original plan approved by Marana for the full development of Dove Mountain. The DMSP covers 6,207 acres and approved for 9,157 residential lots and commercial areas. The DMSP was amended in 2002, 2017 and 2020.

Dove Mountain Community Association (DMCA)-the entity that ensures compliance with the DMCA Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). DMCA is still controlled by the developer (Cottonwood Properties). The Architectural and Landscaping Review Committee Guidelines (A&LRCGs) provide the architectural and landscape requirements for DMCA communities. DMCA does have an Advisory Committee (HEAC) that consists of DMCA Board members and community members. DMCA is managed by Associa Arizona.

Dove Mountain Boulevard-a public street owned by Marana, However, DMCA has a License Agreement with Marana whereby DMCA is responsible for landscaping, irrigation, decorative concrete, signage and more.

Dove Mountain Subdivisions-there are three types of subdivisions within Dove Mountain; (1) neighborhoods, (2) sub-associations and (3) separate associations. Neighborhoods are regulated by the DMCA CC&Rs, whereas sub-associations and separate associations have their own CC&Rs. However, separate associations have agreements with DMCA called Declaration of Protective Restrictions that provide for a Cost Sharing Agreement of Dove Mountain Blvd expenses, architectural conditions and more. Here are the current listing of subdivisions (G-gated):


  • South Preserve (G)

  • North Preserve (G)

  • Dos Lagos (G)

  • Boulder Bridge (G)

  • Golden Barrel (G)

  • Blue Agave (G)

  • Saguaro Reserve (G) (coming soon)

  • Villages

  • Quail Crossing I

  • Quail Crossing II

  • The Bluffs

  • Dove Creek


  • The Gallery (G)

  • Canyon Pass (G)

Separate Associations

  • Highlands (G)

  • Del Webb Dove Mountain

DMCA CC&Rs Amendment Ballot

Recently, DMCA issued a Notice to the owners (residents & commercial) that are covered by the DMCA to amend the DMCA CC&Rs. The original timeline for annexing properties within the DM Specific Plan was 20 years. There is still land that has not been annexed (see blue parcels) in map above. The proposal is to extend the timeframe by ten years the ability to annex these lands. TA has reached out to community leaders and determined that it would be best to vote yes on this proposal to ensure these properties (if developed) remain under the DMCA umbrella and as such will provide additional cost sharing revenues. If these properties were to fall out of DMCA control, our distinctive neighborhoods could be adversely impacted.

Note the Highlands and Del Webb Dove Mountain residents will not receive a ballot as they are separate associations.

Dove Mountain Civic Group

The Dove Mountain Civic Group (DMCG) is a nonpartisan organization made up of volunteer residents who monitor and inform the community about issues involving government agencies, services, organizations, land developers and other entities whose actions might impact or be of interest to the Dove Mountain Community. DMCG is not affiliated with DMCA and is essentially the "Dove Mountain Chamber of Commerce".

Development Status

Marana Development Statistics

Marana Development Services keeps track of all development in Marana at its Subdivision Activity Report on the Marana website. Dove Mountain is located in the Northeast Region and has the following statistics:

  • Approved Lots-5,611

  • Vacant Lots (permitted but home not complete)-499

Remember that the DM Specific Plan allows up to 9,157 lots. Therefore, Dove Mountain is only 61% (5,611/9,157) built-out.

Current Construction

There are three subdivisions (excluding the Ritz Carlton Private Residences) currently under construction with the following status:

  • Del Webb Dove Mountain-all 620 lots are sold and last home closing is expected in October/November

  • Blue Agave/Golden Barrel-60 lots out of 428 lots remain and will be put on hold

  • Boulder Pass III-Fairfield Homes-20 out of 50 lots are sold

Future Construction

Where are the other 3,546 lots going to go? The map below shows the status of proposed subdivisions and vacant land yet to be annexed in Dove Mountain that accounts for the remaining lots. The big question---will they reach 9,157?

  • Saguaro Reserve I-this parcel (173 lots) is located at the western end of Dove Mountain Blvd. For months the plat for this subdivision showed Dove Mountain Blvd ending at a cul-de-sac. Now the fourth submittal shows a 100' wide future public street from the cul de sac to the parcel property line. See plat sheet (left). This will allow for a potential future extension of Dove Mountain Boulevard westerly to I-10 as shown in the General Plan Map (left). The construction of this extension is not a current Marana top priority and if ever built it will be many, many years down the road.

  • Los Saguaros-Lots 134-239-this project is located between Del Webb Dove Mountain and TP and is a new phase. There is currently No Activity.

  • Saguaro Forest Apartments-this parcel is located south of the roundabout. It is zoned for apartments but there is No Activity.

  • Boulder Canyon Pass III-Fairfield Homes-under construction.

  • Tortolita Ridge-approved for 32 lots and going through the platting process.

  • Tortolita 30-approved for 82 lots. A roundabout at Moore Rd and Tortolita Road is a condition of the approval but no plans for this roundabout are available.

  • Tapestry-this project is located to the east of the Highlands and is approved for 670 lots. This project has some major infrastructure issues including a bridge across a drainage area. Note this project has its own specific plan. There is No Activity.

Sell High Buy High?

The Dove Mountain developers are now faced with a dilemma. The cost of building materials and labor is so high that the cost of an average new home in Dove Mountain has risen between $50,000-$100,000 compared to a year ago. Some developers have put their remaining approved lots on hold until this situation cools off.


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