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Dove Mountain Watch Update

Dove Mountain Crime Update

This serves as an update to the meeting held by the Marana Police Department with Dove Mountain residents on 12/7/22. The following message was received yesterday from Chief Reuben Nuñez:

'"Greetings, As a follow-up to our December 7th meeting; our car bust investigation led us to a group of individuals living outside Marana’s jurisdiction. A target of our investigation was arrested by Pima County Deputies and he had in his possession a gun that was stolen from the DM community but was not reported. Since the person’s arrest, the number of car busts have reduced significantly. We developed information that led to us serving a search warrant on another suspect and he was arrested for selling fentanyl laced pills. We had other subjects who were arrested on warrants. Investigation continues to link what we have with the Dove Mountain burglaries and I’m confident we’re on the right track with this group. As of this message, I’m not seeing further similar incidents occurring in the Dove Mountain Community but I still encourage all residents to remain vigilant and follow the prevention tips discussed at our last meeting. Thank you for your support and patience as we continue to pursue justice in these cases.”


This is great news! I have thanked Chief Nuñez and the Marana PD for all their help and service to our community.

Please remain vigilant.

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