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Dry But Colorful

Hedgehog Cactus Tortolita Preserve (4/23/23)


Hiked the Wild Burro-Alamo Springs-Spur Trail early this morning. The lower trail potions in the wash are very dry with not many wildflowers left but the upper portions (Alamo Springs-Spur Trail) still have some beautiful wildflowers. A collage of photos from this hike and a previous Tortolita Preserve hike are provided below.


The banana yuccas are blooming and bearing fruit. It is my observation that this does not occur every year but this year many yuccas are full of flowers and fruit. The O'Odham people used the fruit as a food source.

These photos were taken along the Alamo Springs-Spur Trail. The fruit comes in all sizes and shapes!


Here is collage of wildflower photos taken this morning on the Wild Burro-Alamo Springs-Spur Trail.

And a few photos from a hike in the Tortolita Preserve on 4/23/23.


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