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Green Going Brown

Hiked the Tortolita Preserve (TP) Big Loop early this morning. Only a few weeks after the end of the monsoonal rains and the undergrowth is starting to dry out and turning brown. A few wildflowers are still blooming. Found some clumps (thankfully not prolific) of soft feather pappusgrass and pulled them.

Saw two small deer that were spooked by gunfire and/or off-highway vehicle in the distance (not in TP but close).

Can still see remnants of the monsoonal flows in the washes. Much sand was deposited making mountain biking a challenge. However, Marana Park & Recreation crews and other volunteers have been out removing sand and fixing washouts. Thanks to all for your help restoring the trails.

The early morning temperatures are getting cooler and fall is in the air. Perfect time for a TP hike or bike or horseback ride!

See collage of photos taken this morning.


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