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Heart Warming-Saguaro Planting Day

Updated: Feb 15

Baby Strong-Arm II


Today's Valentine's Day Saguaro Planting Event at the Tortolita Preserve was a huge success. This event was sponsored by Tucson Audubon and Marana Parks & Recreation. Over 300 baby saguaros were planted by a group of staff and volunteers within about a mile radius of the Moore Road Trailhead.

Volunteers first received some basic training; (1) dig a shallow hole close to the trunk on the east side (morning sun) of a nurse tree (palo verde, ironwood or mesquite), (2) use folded newspaper to wrap around the saguaro to keep thorns off the hands, (3) gently squeeze the plastic container and remove baby saguaro and place in the hole, (4) pack it with soil and (5) place sticks around the saguaro to protect it. All baby saguaros were geo-located so they can be monitored through time.

One baby saguaro was planted on the north side in close proximity to the remnants of the beloved Strong-Arm Saguaro. Let's hope our ancestors get to see a 40' foot saguaro with 34 arms about 165 years from now!

Here is a collage of photos from today's wonderful event.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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