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Know Your H2O-Part XI-Conclusions & Recommendations

Updated: Jul 11, 2021


Water is the sustenance of life.

We cannot live without it.

Water needs to be managed sensibly and with care.


Arizona has been engaged in groundwater management for almost 40 years. Progress has been achieved but the water supply situation is still very tenuous.

Arizona is living on the edge by promising to serve water customers with phantom water supplies and allowing dangerously low groundwater levels. Additionally, water supply issues in a good portion of the state have been ignored.

Arizona needs to take emergency action now to protect water supplies for all existing water users, any future water users and the environment.

The following presents conclusions with recommendations in three major water areas gleaned from Know Your H2O Parts I-X:

Water Management System

Colorado River

Water Planning System

These are bold recommendations which require current federal, state and local bureaucratic water institutions to find a new path forward.

The time for talk is over. We need action.

The End!


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