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Magnificent Marana!

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

At the 11/5/19 Del Webb Dove Mountain presentation on the Tortolita Preserve, I ended with the above photo of the famous Strong Arm Saguaro during a 2019 summer storm. I indicated that we might be heading into a storm but there would be a rainbow in the end as captured in this photo. Well, our rainbow has come!

Last night the Marana Town Council approved the Make Marana 2040 General Plan with two very significant adjustments; (1) the Tortolita Preserve will be identified as a separate Land Use Category with a commitment to keep the Tortolita Preserve exactly as it is today and at least as long as the 99-Year Lease, and (2) the Special Planning Area (SPA) designation will be deleted and the areas to the south/west of Tortolita Preserve will revert back to the Land Uses in the 2010 General Plan, i.e. Low-Density Residential and Rural Density Residential.

Thanks so much to the Town of Marana! Most of us moved here because of its beautiful Sonoran Desert environment and these planning actions by the Town will help protect that environment for generations to come.

Thanks to all the Tortolita Alliance supporters and others in the community that participated and attended the Public Hearings. Your voices were heard! America is a wonderful place!

Congratulations to the Town of Marana and all its residents!!

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