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Marana DAWS Modification-ADWR Decision On Objections-Draft Decision & Order and TA Response Letter

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Decision On Objections and Draft Decision & Order

The Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) issued a Decision On Objections and Draft Decision & Order (2/26/24). Click on link below to download.

The ADWR Decision On Objections follows Marana Water's Response to Objections and essentially denies all Objections because ADWR “is prohibited from basing a decision on a requirement or condition that is not authorized by statute or rule.”  ADWR did not indicate that the Objections were otherwise invalid.

The Draft Decision & Order approves a Marana Water DAWS of 15,353 acre-feet per year (AFY) through 2034 with 72% of that water coming from Groundwater which must be replenished by the Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District (CAGRD).

2024_02-26_Final_Marana_Agency_Decision - signed
Download PDF • 1.02MB

TA Response To Decision On Objections and Draft Decision & Order

Today, TA filed a Response Letter to the Decision On Objections and Draft Decision & Order (2/26/24). Federal, state and local government officials were copied. Click on link below to download.

TA's response highlights the tremendous conflict between the outdated Arizona Groundwater Management Act (associated state statutes) and prudent water supply planning and management.

The Response Letter includes commentary regarding the DAWS process Timeline, ADWR Decision on Objections, Non-Transparent Process, Draft Decision & Order and TA Decision Not To Appeal.

TA Letter-ADWR-Marana DAWS-Objections-Draft Decision-Order-2-29-24
Download PDF • 662KB

Going Forward

Hopefully, ADWR and Marana Water will seriously consider the comments and recommendations presented in TA's letter.

Thanks to all those who sent in Objection Letters as the've had a great impact.

Please save these documents for future reference as it will be very telling, down the road, when some of these water supply concerns referenced in the Objection Letters and TA's Response Letter come to bear.


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