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Marana Water DAWS Modification-Reminder-Objection Letter

Our Marana


In Marana Water DAWS Modification-Part IV-Objection Letter we provided the Background, Revised Public Notice & Objection Letter Instructions regarding the most important issue impacting all residents of Marana in a generation.

This is a friendly reminder to file an Objection Letter and request an Administrative Hearing by January 22 if the Marana DAWS Modification is concerning to you.

TA's Objection Letter and Objection Letter Instructions are provided below.


Arizona Daily Star Article

Tony Davis (Arizona Daily Star) is planning to write an article about the Marana DAWS Modification. He is interested in reading your comments and you can send your comments to him directly at:


TA Objection Letter

TA has prepared a Marana DAWS Modification Objection Letter with 17 Objections and a Request for Administrative Hearing. You are welcome to reference this letter as part of your comments. You can download TA's Objection Letter at the following link:

Marana DAWS Modification-TA Objection Letter-ADWR-12-30-23
Download PDF • 10.60MB


Objection Letter Instructions

You must prepare an Objection Letter that states the grounds for objection which are limited to whether the MW DAWS Modification application meets the criteria for determining an assured water supply set forth in section 45-576. See TA Objection Letter as an example.

The Objection Letter must be addressed to the Docket Supervisor (see address below), include your name and address and must be physically signed by you. The Objection Letter can be sent via US Mail or sent as a PDF attachment to this email address:

Objection Letter Address

Sharon Scantlebury

Docket Supervisor

Legal Division

Arizona Department of Water Resources

1110 W. Washington Street

Suite 310

Phoenix, AZ 85007


Please join us in protecting our water supply for future generations!


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