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March Gladness

Most likely your favorite team(s) have been eliminated from the NCAA basketball tournament. So its time for a little March Gladness to cheer you up!

This morning I hiked the Alamo Springs/Spur Trail and the wildflowers are prolific. Here are some photos from the hike including a wildflower photo collage.

Since the tournament is still underway, perhaps we should root for the Owls. Seems like it fits with our mission!

Saguaros-Early Morning Meeting

This is the only Western Wallflower that I have seen in the Tortolitas and its a tall one located all by itself in the Wild Burro Canyon Wash.

The wildflower photos in this collage are labeled with the common names but there are a few that I could not identify and are not labeled yet. Reminder: click on the photo to enlarge.


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