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May Day! May Day! May Day!

The Conjunction

Moon, Jupiter & Venus line up early Wednesday (4/27/22) morning over the Tortolita Preserve. Good things come in packages of three!!

MWDSC Imposes Drastic Outdoor Water Restrictions

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD or Met) provides domestic water service to a population of 19 million in Southern California. Not to be confused with Los Angles Water & Power which is portrayed in the movie "Chinatown"! MWD's two primary water sources are the CA State Water Project and Colorado River.

Met has imposed drastic outdoor water restrictions. MWD customers can only water outdoors one day per week! See LA Times article below. What's next for Arizona?

Southern California reacts to new drought restrictions - Los Angeles Times
Download PDF • 490KB

Blooming Low

The Tell-Tale Saguaro (left) on the Upper Javelina Trail shows no signs of blooms this morning but saguaro cactus (right) in the lower elevations, i.e. Tortolita Preserve are starting to bloom.


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