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Pulling Our Weight!

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

The Tortolita Alliance and Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum co-sponsored a Bufflegrass Pull on Sunday, February 23 near the Wild Burrow Trail in the foothills of the Tortolita Mountains.

We learned how to identify Bufflegrass and remove using hand tools and pulling out by hand. It is amazing how prolific this invasive species has become. For example, baby saguaro cactus were found engulfed in the Bufflegrass.

There are many more acres of Bufflegrass that need to removed to prevent overtaking native species and eliminate wildfire fuel. Stay tuned for more upcoming Bufflegrass Pull events.

Thanks to Stan Ross for organizing this event and thanks to the following volunteers:

  1. David Bowerman

  2. Tom Arni

  3. Judith Arni

  4. Jackie Craig

  5. Mark Johnson

  6. Shirley Johnson

  7. Lori Leichter

  8. Susan Roden

  9. John Heller

  10. Kris Fettig

  11. George Fettig

  12. Adriana Ross

  13. Lina Maldonado

  14. Lakmal Vithanachchil  & son


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