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Saguaro Destruction-Part 2

Bulldozer Topples Beautiful Saguaro

Saguaro Reserve-Dove Mountain

Photograph published with photographer's permission


Marana Response To Tortolita Alliance-Saguaro Destruction-Saguaro Reserve-Dove Mountain


Tohono O'Odham Culture

If you've visited the Saguaro National Park Visitors Center you may have seen the film A Delicate Balance . In this film, Tina Andrew (Next Generation Ranger) describes the Tohono O'Odham culture as it relates to the saguaro. Tohono O'Odham stories tell of humans turning into saguaros to reinforce respect for nature. Tohono O'Odham believe that the birds and animals should get the saguaro fruit before they do to ensure distribution of the seeds.

This message is also clear in a poster called Saguaros Are People, Too which is published by Tohono Chul. Tohono O'Odham children are taught to respect and not harm the saguaro as they are people, too.


Marana and the development community need to respect the saguaro just like the Tohono O'Odham.

Marana's Title 17 needs to be revamped to ensure saguaros and other Sonoran Desert vegetation and wildlife habitat are protected.

Marana needs to adopt its Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan that has sat on a shelf since 2009.

This will only happen with some more new energy and vision on the Town Council.


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