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Saguaro Slaughter-Boycott LIV Golf

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Updated 2/10/23

The new LIV Golf Tour is having a professional golf tournament at the Gallery Golf Club (Dove Mountain) on March 17-19. Video has recently been posted on NextDoor (see screen shot) and local television station KOLD showing workers cutting down two mature saguaros behind the 18th green of Gallery Golf Club to make room for a platform. Apparently no permits were obtained and the Arizona Department of Agriculture is conducting an investigation.

This is absolute insanity. More slaughter and destruction of our precious saguaros just for a 3-day golf tournament.

This LIV Golf tournament should be boycotted by all. Boycott and maybe they will think twice about blowing into town, destroying our beautiful Sonoran Desert environment and running off with their share of the $25 million purse.


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