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Save Our Saguaros-Bufflegrass Pull

February is Save Our Saguaros-Beat Back Bufflegrass Month!

The Desert Museum is sponsoring several bufflegrass pulls throughout the region including the Tortolita Mountains. The Tortolita Alliance (TA) is collaborating with the Desert Museum on this effort with the help of TA member Stan Ross. Together we can save our native flora from invasive and flammable buffelgrass.

Join us as we again tackle the buffelgrass growing in the Tortolita Mountain Park. Stan plans to return to the buffelgrass pull area we tackled last year which is adjacent the Wild Burro trail near the trailhead. It is a relatively easy hike to the bufflegrass area but does get steep in the area where the bufflegrass is located.

COVID-19 Precautions-Group size is limited to 20 people. Social distancing is required throughout and masks are required during the short orientation in the trailhead parking lot and if you are within 6 feet of another participant.

When: Sunday February 21, 2021, 8 AM-12 PM. Rain or shine. No worries if you cannot stay for the entire 4 hours.

Where: Meet at the Wild Burro Trailhead parking lot at 8 AM. Rest rooms are available.

Wear: Sturdy hiking boots or shoes, long pants, long-sleeved shirts, sun hats, sunglasses. You may need a light jacket.

Bring: COVID-19 mask, 2 liters of water, snack, personal work gloves (if preferred), trekking pole (opt.)

Supplied: Digging tools, gloves, instructions and liability waiver will need to be signed that day.

Please sign up for this event on at the Desert Museum website:

Added Bonus: Donuts and we will raffle two baby saguaros!

Feel free to contact Stan Ross at if you have any questions.


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