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Strength In Numbers

Strong-arm Saguaro

Tortolita Preserve

How many arms does Strong-arm have?

Tortolita Preserve (TP) hikers and bikers always make a stop at the famous Strong-arm Saguaro on the north side of the trail. I live nearby and I am always quizzed as to how many arms Strong-arm supports.

I finally did a semi-scientific study using photographs from all four sides looking west, north, east and south. It is my professional opinion that Strong-arm has 34 arms. See collage of photos with the arm count below.

Here are some other stats for Strong-arm:

  • Height To Top Of Highest Arm-40.5 feet

  • Age-160 (Based on average age of 40 feet saguaros in Saguaro National Park)

  • Bird Nesting 2021-1 Great Horned Owlet and two Gila Woodpecker Boots with multiple chicks

Words of Wisdom-Don't Mess With Strong-arm!


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