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Summer Splendor

It's been hot lately but our Sonoran Desert & Tortolita Mountains are still full of splendor!

Enjoy some recent photos.

Wild Burro Canyon At Daybreak (7/26/20)

Storm Light-Strong Arm Saguaro (7/23/20)

Yummy Saguaro Fruit-Upper Javelina Trail (6/14/20)

Elusive Horned Lizard-Upper Javelina Trail (6/28/20)

After Dinner Snack-Great Horned Owl-Tortolita Preserve (6/20/20)

Valley View-Alamo Springs-Wild Burro Trail (7/26/20)

Mule Deer-Upper Javelina Trail (6/28/20)

4 opmerkingen

Andrea Primuth
27 jul. 2020

We enjoyed the pics!! Beautiful and miss seeing these Arizona sights!


26 jul. 2020

Great photos! How far is it from the north entrance gate (on Buckhorn Cholla) to the Strong Arm cactus? I have asked several people and get a different answer each time!


Pete Andersen
26 jul. 2020

Are you using a phone camera? Great sharp, crisp focus.


Mark Dobbels
26 jul. 2020

Thanks for the great pictures.

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