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Sunrise Service

Hiked the Upper Javelina to Wild Mustang to Wild Burro to Alamo Springs Spur Loop Trails early this morning. A nice 9-mile, peaceful hike with orange, white, purple, blue, pink and yellow wildflowers in full bloom. See photo collage below.

Have a wonderful holiday Sunday!


Photos from left to right and down: Desert Globemallow, Southwestern Mock Vervain, Pink Fairy-duster, New Mexico Thistle, Parry's Beardtongue, New Mexico Groundsel, Upper Wild Burro Canyon, Yucca, Mountain Larkspur, Desert Globemallow, Desert Lavender,Trailing Windmills, Wild Mustang Trail Sign, Dakota Mock Vervain. Wild Burro Trail Upper Flats, Mariposa Lilly, Englemann's Hedgehog Cactus, Mountain Aster & Palo Verde Bloom.


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