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TA Alert-#2!-Marana Water DAWS Modification Application-Public Notice

Public Notice

The public notice (left) requesting written objections to the Marana Water Designated Assured Water Supply (DAWS) Modification was published in the Daily Territorial today.

I believe the reference to ARS 45-576 Subsection J is in error and should be Subsection M (see below). This has been brought to the attention of ADWR. TA has also received response to our last Public Records Request (PRR). We now have the documentation to prepare objections and request a public hearing.

It will take a fews days to put this all together and the holidays will make it tougher but TA will get out an objection letter well in advance of 1/12/24 and we will find out if objection letters can be filed electronically. Stand-by for further info!

ARS 45-576 Subsection M


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