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TA Alert-#3!-Marana Water DAWS Modification Application-Public Notice Revision & Comment Letter Prep

Public Notice Revision

ADWR Legal agrees with our finding that the Marana DAWS Modification Application Public Notice published in the Daily Territorial on 12/21/23 had a state statute reference error.

ADWR will revise the notice to read, "The grounds for objection are limited to whether the Modification of Designation application meets the criteria for determining an assured water supply, as set forth in A.R.S. § 45-576 and the rules adopted under that section."   

ADWR will re-publish the first notice on 12/29/23 and the second notice on 1/5/24. Public comments are then due 15-days (1/20/24) after the second notice. This gives everyone more time!

Comment Letters

TA is nearing completion of its comment letter which we hope to file and publish on this website soon after the first notice on 12/29/23. I suggest TA members and other Marana residents wait to read the TA comment letter before sending in your own comments. You may want to reference the TA comment letter as part of your comments.

Comments letters must include your name, address and be signed and set forth reason why the Modification should not be issued. The comment letter can be sent by US Mail to:

Sharon Scantlebury

Docket Supervisor

Legal Division

Arizona Department of Water Resources

1110 W. Washington Street

Suite 310

Phoenix, AZ 85007

You can also send your comments via email to using the same guidelines as above.

Marana DAWS Modification Documents

In the meantime, if you get bored over the holidays, you can review the Application and Deficiency Notice & Response documents in folders outlined in the table below by clicking on this link: Marana DAWS22 Documents


Happy Holidays!


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