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TA Alert-Dove Fire & Edwin Fire

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Photos by AZ Forestry & Fire Management

Around 3:30 this afternoon my wife and I witnessed a lightning strike in the Tortolita Mountains in the direction of the Tortolita Fire (June). Smoke started coming over the mountains soon after. We called Northwest Fire and they were aware of the fire and taking action.

Chris Reynolds (TA member) has just reported that the fire is at the top of Dove Canyon near the Ridgeline Trail and flames could be seen from the Canyon Pass subdivision. Initially some homes in Canyon Pass were evacuated but they have been allowed to return as the fire is moving east. Chris reported that aircraft have responded to the fire. AZ Forestry and Fire Management (AZ Forestry) is calling this Dove Fire and estimated fire perimeter is 100 acres.

AZ Forestry also reports another fire in the Tortolita Mountains and is calling it the Edwin Fire. It is only 3-5 acres and located 2 miles NE of the Dove Fire.

TA will keep you informed. Pray for rain!


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