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TA Alert! La Puerta del Norte Annexation

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Proposed La Puerta del Norte Annexation/Development (Yellow) & Surrounding Lands

Good morning TA members. We apologize for the short notice, but the Marana Town Council Agenda notifications come out just 3 business days in advance, so we have a short time to review and prepare comments if necessary.

The La Puerta del Norte Annexation/Development is the topic again. This is a proposed annexation/development adjacent to the El Rio Preserve and in an area of cultural and environmental significance. Marana proposes in Item A2 on tonights Agenda to adopt Resolution 2020-95 which includes four actions to facilitate the proposed La Puerta del Norte Annexation/Development annexation/development.

TA has submitted a Comment Letter that includes some additional items discovered since the last Marana Town Council actions on this matter. One critical item is the location of the proposed project in an isolated portion of Marana Water's system that sits over a portion of the aquifer that has dropped 40 feet in the period 2000-2018. See figure above. Why would Marana want to add additional water usage in this area that is in overdraft mode? TA's major comment is that this annexation/development is proposed before critical cultural, wildlife/open space and water master planning (required in the recently voter approved Make Marana 2040 General Plan) is completed. The cart is definitely before the horse!

Pima County will also be conducting a Public Hearing on this item on 9/10/20. TA is preparing comments for that hearing as well. Barbara Rose (Bean Tree Farm) has already prepared a Comment Letter and it includes some thought provoking reasons why this annexation/development just does not make sense.

If you have the time, please attend tonight's Town Council session and support TA and Barbara Rose comments and/or contact Marana Mayor and Town Council directly or via Town Clerk: .


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