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TA Alert! Marana Study Session-7/14/20

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Good evening TA Members. Hope all is well!

We apologize for the short notice but sometimes these things pop up and it takes time to gather information and collaborate with other groups.

Marana is holding a Study Session tomorrow evening (Tuesday-7/14/20) at 6PM. The agenda includes two items of concern:

Item D1-KB Homes-Proposed La Puerta del Norte Annexation

This is a proposed annexation near the El Rio Preserve which impacts a biological and cultural sensitive area. In addition, the proposal includes some high density housing and has some water infrastructure and developer concession concerns. We are commenting on this because this type of proposal could happen adjacent to the Tortolita Preserve. Click here to see the TA Comment Letter.

Item D3-Parks & Recreation Budget Transfers

This item proposes to transfer $450,000 from a Tortolita Trails Expansion project to another project. We are suggesting that the $450,000 be re-purposed for a new Tortolita Preserve Project for the following improvements; 1) property survey, (2) 18,000’ of fencing (west perimeter), (3) Moore Road Access Improvements, and (4) West Buckeye Path Access Improvements. Click here to see the TA Comment Letter.


You can help by sending an email of support for TA Comments to the Town Clerk and/or attending/commenting at the Study Session on-line.


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