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TA Alert! Marana Study Session 9/22-On-Site Recreational Areas

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Tortolita Alliance (TA) has provided a Comment Letter regarding the proposed subdivision on-site recreational area requirements to be discussed at the Marana Study Session on Tuesday, 9/22/20 at 6:00 PM. You can attend in person or online.

TA commends Marana for upgrading the on-site recreational area requirements but the proposed changes do not go quite far enough. TA believes these proposed requirements are linked to Marana's Title 17-Environmental Resource Preservation, Native Plant Protection and Landscape Requirements. We are requesting that the appropriate provisions of Title 17 be amended to require a Site Resource Inventory (SRI) and require (no option) a minimum of 30% of the site to be preserved as Natural Undisturbed Open Space (NUOS) for all proposed subdivisions. Title 17 currently has 30% NUOS as an option.

TA is also suggesting that the proposed standard of 350 square feet of recreational area per unit should apply to all lot sizes and be in addition to NUOS discussed above. If NUOS incorporates trails, then the recreational area standard could be reduced to 200 square feet of recreational area per unit.

We believe requiring a minimum 30% NUOS in conjunction with on-site recreational area is prudent as it provides open space and recreation. If you agree, please contact the Marana Town Clerk, Cherry Lawson at and let the Town Council know you support TA's comment letter and/or make suggestions/comments of your own.


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