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TA Alert!-Pedestrian Trail-Irrigation Lines-Trip Hazards-Fix Coming

Pedestrian Trail (Dove Mountain Blvd at Boulder Bridge Pass) Exposed Irrigation Lines


TA contacted the Dove Mountain Civic Group and the Dove Mountain Community Association (DMCA) (Master HOA) to address a large number of exposed irrigation lines within the Dove Mountain Pedestrian Trail (Pedestrian Trail) that are a trip hazard. See photo collage below of the area between Rim Trail and Grandview Trail cul de sac Entry.

It seems like these irrigation lines are inactive or should be inactive as the vegetation along the trails is mostly native and mature. TA offered to assist.

The Community Manager for DWDCA responded immediately with the following message:

" Thank you for letting us know. We are aware of this area and some others that do have exposed irrigation lines and we will be working with AAA Landscape to address them by verifying active as well as non-active and then we will have AAA Landscape remove or put them back underground if needed."

TA will keep tabs on this and hopefully soon the Pedestrian Trail will be clear. Until then, please be careful.


Pedestrian Trail (Rim Trail to Grandview Trail cul de sac Entry) Exposed Irrigation Lines-Photo Collage


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