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TA Tidbits #15-Parks, Signs, Gas & More

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

P&R Master Plan

Marana is holding a Town Council Study Session on Tuesday, 12/8/20 at 6:00 PM to review the draft of the Park & Recreation Master Plan 2020-2030 (Master Plan).

TA is currently reviewing the document and will be presenting comments at the Study Session. If you have any comments on the Master Plan, please send them to TA and we will incorporate with TA comments or send directly to Marana.

Click here to view the Study Session Presentation.

Tortolita Preserve Directional Signage

Marana P&R has installed new Tortolita Preserve directional signage on Dove Mountain Boulevard at Moore Road in both directions. See photo right.

A large "Welcome to the Tortolita Preserve" sign will also be installed on the entrance gate on Moore Road.

Southwest Gas Pipeline Easement

Today, TA met with representatives from Southwest Gas and Marana via Microsoft Teams to discuss the mysterious survey stakes and tree/shrub flagging along the existing side-by-side 30' TRICO easement and 40' Pima County Wastewater easement that traverse the Tortolita Preserve. See location map left.

Turns out that Southwest Gas is proposing to install a 6" high pressure gas pipeline in the same location as the TRICO and Pima County easements/facilities. This 6" high pressure gas pipeline will reinforce service to Dove Mountain and create a loop, which will be ideal during a gas emergency.

The Arizona State Land Department (ASLD) has granted Southwest Gas a 30' easement on top of the TRICO easement. See exhibit right. The 6" gas pipeline will be installed about 13' away from the electric line. This is good news as no additional easement area will be added.

An environmental survey has been conducted by a third party consultant to identify sensitive native vegetation and we learned that Southwest Gas plans to use directional boring installation techniques for 90% of the project. This means there will be very little ground disturbance and they are watching out for the environment. All good news.

A gas pressure regulating station will be installed in the Mattamy subdivision ROW. This small above ground facility will lower the pressure and connect to the local distribution system.

Work is scheduled to begin on January 11, 2021 and will be completed sometime in April. Southwest Gas has established a hotline for this project. Call 844-258-7481 if you have any questions or want to report anything related to the project.

TA has requested the design drawings and environmental survey report. We will review these documents and provide future alerts as needed.

Mandarina Development Agreement

TA provided a Comment Letter on the proposed Mandarina Development Agreement at the 12/1/20 Town Council Meeting. TA supports the use of "protected facilities" and impact fees whereby developers pay all the upfront costs for off-site and on-site infrastructure (including oversizing) and the developers get reimbursed as other projects connect to the "protected facilities" and/or get impact fee credits in consideration for the infrastructure built up to the maximum value of the impact fees. This insures that existing Marana residents are not funding infrastructure that will serve new residents.


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