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TA Tidbits #16-Rare Plant, Marana Stuff & Volunteer Opportunities

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Amanda and Trevor Switzer make a stop at Strong Arm Saguaro Cactus in the Tortolita Preserve. Amanda and Trevor were visiting from Texas and are the daughter and son-in-law of TA members Monica and Bryan Elertson.


Rare Plant Seen In Tortolita Preserve

Joe Thomas (TA member and avid hiker) spotted the rare Queen of the Night plant in the Tortolita Preserve. See photo right.

The Queen of the Night only blooms one night during June-July and the bloom is large, beautiful and fragrant.

Marana Town Council Study Session-1/12/20

TA listened in on the Marana Town Council Study Session (1/12/20). Two big take-ways; (1) Marana revenues/expenses are in good shape for Fiscal Years (FY) 20 and 21 but FY 22 could be a different story, and (2) Marana is working on a Strategic Plan that will be further discussed at an upcoming Retreat of the Town Council.

Jackie Craig provided excellent input at the Study Session on Strategic Planning including; (1) new growth cannot exceed Marana's renewable water supply, i.e. CAP water allocation, (2) preserve the Sonoran Desert, (3) provide adequate undisturbed open space, wildlife corridors and interconnected trails and (4) complete the Master Plans identified in the Make Marana 2040 General Plan. See Study Session Video.

Marana Town Council Meeting-1/19/20-Marana-Tucson Water Intergovernmental Agreement

TA submitted Comment Letters to Mayor Honea (Marana) and Mayor Romero (Tucson) regarding a flaw in the recently approved Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) that allows Marana to wheel some of its Central Arizona Project (CAP) water allocation through the Tucson Water system to serve developments that Marana Water cannot practically serve. The IGA gives new developers a "free ride" by allowing them to use water infrastructure that existing residents have already paid for through the purchase of their lot/home. TA is suggesting that these residents, e.g. Dove Mountain residents, be eligible for a pro-rated refund if one of these proposed wheeling connections happens.

Please write a letter or email to the Mayors and or Town/City Council supporting TA comments.

2022 City Council Election & Planning Commission Appointments

TA is vetting candidates that support the TA Mission for the 2022 City Council Election and ongoing Planning Commission Appointments. Please let us know if you are interested.

Santa Cruz River Trash Clean-up

TA is collaborating with Tucson Clean & Beautiful to conduct a trash clean-up of a segment of the Santa Cruz River in March. TA Board member Dave Howe has done some reconnaissance along the river and the trash build-up is disturbing. See photo left. More details to come in the weeks ahead.

Bufflegrass Pull

The Desert Museum is sponsoring Save Our Saguaros (1/31-3/7/21), which is a bufflegrass removal volunteer effort. TA is collaborating with the Desert Museum to conduct another bufflegrass pull in the Tortolita Mountain foothills. TA member Stan Ross is coordinating the event. More details to come in the weeks ahead.


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