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TA Tidbits #25-TA Logo-Patches, Website Improvements & Something Called Rain

TA Logo & Patches

We are happy to announce that the beautiful Tortolita Alliance (TA) logo has received official Trade Mark (TM) status from the State of Arizona!

TA Member Joe Thomas developed a nice TA Patch that can be ironed, sewn or pinned on to your back pack, hat, etc. The patch has the official TA logo, comes in light or dark background and measures 3.5" x 3.5".

We are offering these at cost ($3.50 each). If you would like a patch/patches, please contact TA at and we will find the best way to get them to you.

If you want to wait, we will also offer these at upcoming events. Just look for the tent with the TA banner.


TA Website Improvements

The following TA Website improvements (see screenshot above) should make for an improved viewing experience:

  • Search Box-located below Contact Us on the Home Page and allows word search of the entire website including blogs.

  • TA Tidbits-pulldown sub-tab to News Tab to view all TA Tidbits in one location.

  • TA Alerts-pulldown sub-tab to News Tab to view all TA Alerts in one location.

  • Cocci Chronicles-pulldown sub-tab to Valley Fever Tab to view the Cocci Chronicles Series in one location.

  • Lease-onomics-pulldown sub-tab to Marana Tab to view the Lease-onomics Series in one location.

  • Know Your H2O-pulldown sub-tab to Water Tab to view the Know Your H2O Series in one location.

  • Water Woes-pulldown sub-tab to Water Tab to view the Water Woes Series

Happy reading!


Something Called Rain

We finally got some monsoonal rain! Hooray! Some areas got more than others but we will take ever drop. Forget the scientists. I think the reason behind the large number saguaro side blooms is they were summoning the monsoonal rain gods to help germinate the big seed production!

Hiked the Upper Javelina Trail early this morning and the ground had already sucked up all the rain. The saguaros and prickly pears are liking it. The Tortolita's are turning green. See collage of photos from today's hike a special photo from Mark Dobbels of a great horn owl bracing itself from the storm in a Tortolita Preserve saguaro.

Although this monsoonal rain is a wonderful thing, the Colorado River Basin is still in severe drought. Stayed tuned for a very important blog on the water situation in the next day or so.


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