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TA Tidbits #3

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Tortolita Preserve-View From The Tortolita Crag


The Town of Marana (Marana) has a lot going on. If you are interested in getting notification of Marana activities, events and meetings, please go to the Marana website Notify Me page and sign up for the areas you would like notification.

Rest assured, the Tortolita Alliance (TA) has been busy keeping eye on things at Marana. Here are some of the recent meetings TA has attended with a synopsis of important items gleaned. You can go to Marana website Public Meetings & Agenda page and get more information; including video of some meetings.

Marana Study Session (2/25/20)-Home Rule-August Ballot Proposition & Parks & Recreation Building Renovation ($300,000).

Marana Town Council (3/3/20)-Economic Development presentation by Curt Woody (Marana Economic Development Director). Go to Marana website Economic Development for more information.

Marana Community Conversations-Highlands (3/4/20)-See Notes

Citizen's Forum (3/5/20)-The Citizens Forum is a group of Marana residents, business owners, and other community partners appointed by Marana to discuss recommendations for potential action to Town Council regarding multidisciplinary, town-wide issues. Jim Tripp (TA Vice President) has been appointed by Marana to serve on this forum. This was the first of 7 Spring meetings. Go to Marana website Citizen's Forum to get more information.

Upcoming Meetings

Marana Study Session (3/10/20)-Capital Improvement Budget

Marana Community Conversations (3/12/20)-Marana Police Department Building

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