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TA Tidbits #35 Petitions, Owls & New Water Agency

Town Council Candidates Need More Signed Petitions

Thanks to everyone who have signed the Non-Partisan Nomination Petitions for Patrick Cavanaugh, Mark Johnson and Tim Kosse. They are making great progress to reach the required 552 signatures to be on the ballot but need more signed petitions.

Please urge friends and family that are registered voters in Marana to sign the petitions on-line. There is only one more week to use the on-line system which is proposed to go down for service on or about March 5. You can sign the petitions for Patrick, Mark and Tim by clicking on the the links below.

Patrick, Mark and Tim will be walking Marana's neighborhoods and attending various events across Marana in the coming weeks.

Great Horned Owl Nesting In Strong-Arm

For the third year in a row, a great horned owl is nesting in the famous Strong-Arm Saguaro in the Tortolita Preserve. Bikers, hikers and horseback riders should approach carefully so as not to disturb mama.

Pipe Dreams

State officials have announced the creation of yet another bureaucratic water agency--the Arizona Water Authority. The purpose is to find new sources of water supply for Arizona. Looks like they finally admit that the current Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District (CAGRD) scheme is not viable as a long-term permanent water supply program.

Ocean water desalination and importing water from the mid-west are proposed options. Don't hold your breath as these options will take decades and are extremely expensive.

The good news is new water customers will pay for this more expensive water---not existing water customers. This theory is used by many water utilities across the nation and should be the standard in Arizona, i.e. existing customers should not pay for the water infrasture and water supply costs to serve new customers. In fact, water utilities should put the burden on developers to find and fund the new water and it must be a long-term permanent source.

Arizona is proposing to come up with $1 billion over the next three years to fund this next wave of water bureacracy.

You can learn more about this by clicking on the button below to read the Capitol Media Services article.


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