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TA Tidbits # 36-Tortolita Red & TP Update

Tortolita Red

Ocotillo Blooming & Pyrruloxia (Desert Cardinal)


TA has been working closely with Marana Parks & Recreation (MPR) and others over the last two years on several projects in the Tortolita Preserve and we are pleased to report that significant progress has been achieved!

Moore Road TP Trailhead Improvements

MPR received approval from the Arizona State Land Department (ASLD) on 3/24/22 for the proposed improvements at the Tortolita Preserve (TP) Moore Rd Trailhead (see map-right). This includes a new entrance, signage, parking and more. Design is underway and construction will begin next fiscal year.

TP West-Fence

MPR has also received approval from ASLD to fence (wildlife friendly) the western portion of the TP (see map-left). Survey work is underway.

Cattle Concerns

Marana MPR and Public Works continue to work with ASLD and the rancher to relocate the cattle water tank off TP property and prepare for fencing the western end of TP (see above). Relocation may occur in April.

TP Trail Counter

TA contributed $500 to MPR for the purchase of a trail counter to monitor hiking and biking activity in the TP and other MPR trails. The trail counter has been received and MPR is getting it ready to place in the field.

TP BioBlitz

TA continues to coordinate with MPR, Coalition For Sonoran Desert Protection, Pima Naturalists and Arizona Game & Fish for a TP BioBlitz, tentatively set for November. TA attended a recent BioBlitz at the Aqua Caliente Regional Park to learn more about the program and logistics.


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