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TA Tidbits #4

Updated: Jul 11, 2021


Some of our local critters are appearing with the warmer temperatures.

See photo of Gila Monster taken by Sally Schuler on the Wild Burrow Trail.

There are several reports of rattlesnakes. Please be on guard and its best to just let them be.

Tortolita Preserve North Entrance Fencing/Signage Damage & Repair

TA reported damage to the Tortolita Preserve (TP) north entrance fencing/signage. See map to right.

Marana Parks & Recreation (MPR) responded quickly and replaced the fencing and signage. See Before & After photos below.

Thanks MPR for your prompt and efficient service!

Boulder Bridge Pass-Dove Mountain Community Trail

The construction of Boulder Bridge Pass IV is underway (see blue area in map below). The missing section of Boulder Bridge Pass (green line) is also under construction and will link Dove Mountain Blvd with Secret Springs Drive. I asked Marana Development Services if the missing section of the Dove Mountain Community Trail will also be included and the answer was yes! When this project is complete, you will be able to hike from any of the Dove Mountain subdivisions on a nice trail loop and hook up with the Upper Javelina Trail (see redacted portions of existing trails in red). Note that Marana Parks & Recreation does not operate or maintain (O&M) the Dove Mountain Community Trail. O&M is handled by the Dove Mountain Master HOA.


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