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TA Tidbits #42-LIV Golf-Saguaro Atonement & Noise Impacts

LIV Golf-Saguaro Atonement

The destruction of two mature saguaros by the LIV Golf tournament is apparently under investigation by the Arizona Department of Agriculture. They will probably get a slap on the wrist and a small fine.

LIV Golf (including players) should first apologize for these actions and secondly donate $100,000 or more to the Town of Marana or a local environmental group to fund bufflegrass and other invasive grass species removal in the Tortolita Mountains. This will not replace the two saguaros that were needlessly cut down but will help protect thousands of our native saguaros from potential wildfire impacts. Send LIV Golf an email ( or tweet (@livgolf_league) and let them know your thoughts.

LIV Golf Noise Impacts

Now LIV Golf is impacting our quiet Sonoran Desert environment with extremely loud music. Check out this video taken near a local neighborhood and the northern edge of the Tortolita Preserve adjacent to the golf course on March 15. Marana PD had to be engaged and responded quickly to get this noise reduced. The pair of great horned owls nesting in this area have not been seen or heard in days.

We can only image what's next?


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