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TA Tidbits #47 Litter, Glitter & Critters

Tortolita Preserve (10/28/23)

Branch Litter Mulching To Restore Old Cow Path


Tortolita Preserve (TP) Projects In The News

The TP Trailhead and Western Fence Projects have received some nice press coverage:

TP Improvement Video by Denelle Veselik-KGUN9 News (11/15/23)

Click on link below to see nice article in the Marana News (11/1/23)

Marana News-TP Saving Saguaros-Trailhead-11-1-23
Download PDF • 3.12MB


TP Critters

Michelle took this photo of a Long-nosed Snake crossing the trail during a recent mountain bike ride.

The Coalition For Sonoran Desert Protection (CSDP) has placed a wildlife camera in TP and caught this photo of the elusive gray fox. I actually saw one entering TP during the early morning hours the day of Fall BioBlitz. Now it's confirmed!


TP Trail Counter

2023 TP Year-to-Date Users (as of 10/31/23)

  • Total Days In Service = 230

  • Total Users (2023) = 9,449

  • Users/Day = 41

The 2023 monthly user and daily users during the month of June are depicted on the graphs below. Usage is picking up with the cooler weather.

Nice to see that 41 users (average) are enjoying this wonderful natural resource on a daily basis.

2023 TP Monthly Users

October 2023 Daily Use


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