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TA Tidbits #51-TP Fence Complete & Valentine's-TP Saguaro Planting Day

Tortolita Preserve (TP)-Western Fence Project-North Section


TP Western Fence Project Complete

Marana has completed the Western Fence Project. Marana Parks & Recreation (MPR) has taken steps to discourage Off Road Vehicle (OHV) access and placed signs at all the fence-wash crossings warning OHVs not to enter. Marana will be reaching out to the two local OHV associations that have worked with us so well over the years to alert their members of the new fencing. This project will also prevent cattle from entering. The entire 2,400 acres is now protected and safer.

Valentine's-TP Saguaro Planting Day

MPR has reached out to TA regarding a Valentine's Day saguaro planting event in conjunction with Tucson Audubon. This event will take place Wednesday 2/14/24 from 10:00 AM to noon. Meet at the new Moore Road Trailhead. MPR is scheduled to get 300 saguaros for planting in the TP. Please put this on your calendar. TA will provide updates as we get closer.


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