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TA Tidbits #52-TP Secure & Strong-Arm Still Strong

The Front

Tortolita Preserve (1/24/24)


TP North Entrance (Brittlebush Drive) Secure

Marana Parks & Recreation (MPR) has installed bollards at the TP North Entrance (Brittlebush Drive). This will prevent Off Highway Vehicles (OHVs) from entering at this location.

TP Old Entrance (Moore Road) Secure

MPR also installed a new gate at the old entrance to the TP on Moore Road. This will prevent any stray cattle and OHVs from entering TP at this location.

TP is now fully secure with the newly completed Western Fence Project and these bollard and gate installations. This fulfills a Tortolita Alliance primary Strategic Plan goal!


Strong-Arm Still Strong

Strong-Arm continues to decay with the cortex falling off recently and exposing the massive ribs of the main trunk.

Despite the decay, Strong-Arm remains a strong reminder to protect TP and provide the habitat necessary to support another young saguaro to take its place and have a wonderful 165-year life.

Please do not disturb this site.


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