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TA Tidbits #53-TP Wildlife Cams & The Puma

Mountain Lion (Puma)-Tortolita Preserve (3/14/24)


Tortolita Preserve Wildlife Cameras

On 3/6/24, two new wildlife cameras were set up in the Tortolita Preserve (TP) to document wildlife data.  This doubles the amount of units now being used in the TP.  Jessica Moreno of the Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection provided the equipment.  She was accompanied by Marana Parks and Recreation representative Jason Grodman, Tortolita Alliance (TA) board member Dave Barker, and local resident Jane Hunter.  We look forward to the photos and data these cameras will provide.

Mountain Lion (Puma)-Tortolita Preserve

Ironically, about a week later on 3/14/24, a resident with a home abutting TP, captured video of a mountain lion (puma) in the TP with a personal wildlife video camera! See video clip below.

Here are some important tips about mountain lions:

  • This is an adult puma, and is likely just moving through the area. 

  • Mountain lions are excellent proof of a healthy ecosystem, and are desired species in TP.

  • Keep pets safe by keeping them indoors or leashed and supervised when outdoors. Adult mountain lions have established what they like to eat and are not likely to deviate from what they know, but you can protect your pets by not giving them any opportunity to try something new.

  • Avoid feeding wildlife, which can attract their prey (primarily deer and javelina).

  • Mountain lions are more active at night, and dawn or dusk, and generally try to avoid people.

  • We are very lucky to live where mountain lions live nearby, and we can help ensure we all coexist safely. 

  • For more information go to: Arizona Fish & Game-Mountain Lions


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