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TA Tidbits #7

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Town Council Study Session (7/14/20) Report

Item D1-KB Homes-Proposed La Puerta del Norte Annexation

The Town Council narrowly (4-3) agreed to proceed with the annexation. However, the comments provided by TA, Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection, Bean Tree Farm and others were instrumental in getting some important changes to the project. Housing will be single-story, number of lots will be reduced and Parcels A & B may be preserved as permanent open space. We still have plenty of opportunity to provide input on this annexation/project as there are many more steps in the entitlement process.

Item D2-Parks & Recreation Budget Transfers

The Town Council agreed to proceed with the budget transfers to ensure there was enough funding for the Santa Cruz River Shared Used Path (project TA supports) and did not repurpose funds for the Tortolita Preserve Improvements. However, TA comments and photos regarding illegal access at the western end of the Tortolita Preserve by Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) and cattle were important and influential. Yesterday, I received the following email message from Jim Conroy (Marana Parks & Recreation Director):

"Hi Mark,

The Town Manager gave direction this morning to pursue an investigation concerning that cattle operation on the TP.

On a different note, I will be reaching out to you soon to schedule a meeting concerning the Parks & Recreation Master Plan.

Regarding fencing along the west boundary of the TP, we will be pursuing options to address particular sections along the west boundary that have been problematic with ATV activity.  


Thanks to all TA Members that provided photos and written and verbal comments on these Study Session Items. You made a big difference once again!


August 4 Election Update

TA Voting Recommendations

  • Just One Vote For Jackie Craig

  • Proposition 478-Make Marana 2040 General Plan-Vote Yes

  • Proposition 479-Alternative Expenditure Limitation-Home Rule-Vote Yes

Candidate Form Tonight (7/16/20)-The Dove Mountain Civic Group is sponsoring a candidate forum tonight. The event takes place at Marana Council Chambers with very limited seating but you can participate via Zoom. Click here to register.

Marana News-Letter To Editor-The following letter was published in the 7/15/20 edition of the Marana News:


TA Tee Shirts

TA Tee Shirts are in production and will be available next week. Stayed tuned for more information regarding pick-up, delivery and payment.

We have also secured some TA Logo stickers and are planning to offer hats with TA logo soon!


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