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The Birds & The Bees & The Flowers & The Trees

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

We hope everyone is safe and healthy.

The Tortolita Preserve is teeming with birds, some wildflowers are still blooming and the cactus are starting to bloom.

Play the YouTube video (The Birds & The Bees) below. It includes photos of birds and wildflowers seen primarily in the Tortolita Preserve yesterday.

A Note Regarding The Music

I grew up on Cape Cod, MA. My dad was a carpenter and my mom was a part-time church secretary. We lived in a modest, small house only about a mile from the Kennedy compound (summer White House) in Hyannisport. We did not have much but we had the ocean, beaches and marshes. They were my Preserve back then.

In 1964, a great young man by the name of Al Farrier used to take me and the boys in our neighborhood to play basketball at the local elementary school gym on Friday nights.  He was like a Big Brother---picked us up, taught us basketball and took us home.  He had a 1962 Chevy Bel Air with an AM/FM radio. When the song, “The Birds and The Bees” by Jewel Akens came on, he would sing and we would join in. He kept us busy, out-of-trouble and that song kept us happy because we were still dealing the assassination of our beloved JFK and the uncertainty it caused. Little did we know then that more uncertainty was about to come in 1968.

I hope that song and these photos will make you happy during these uncertain times. Maybe I’ll hear you humming or singing it on the trail!



Dan Dowler

Love the photos and the Music. We need to look for the beauty in ALL things, not only right now, but Always! God Bless....

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