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Tortolita Alliance Update-11/15/19

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Thanks to all that have subscribed to the Tortolita Alliance website! We now have 182 subscribers! This post serves as an update on the website itself and upcoming activities.

Tortolita Alliance Website

The website has been updated to include a LINK page. Here you can easily link to key maps, documents and websites. We plan to add other pages to the website in the weeks and months ahead and we have a group working on a logo.


The Tortolita Alliance leaders met on 11/8/19 and developed a draft mission statement and prepared for upcoming meetings including meetings with the media.

The Tortolita Alliance meeting on 11/11/19 at the Highlands was a huge success with over 150 in attendance.

Tortolita Alliance Meeting-Highlands-11/11/19

Marana Planning Commission Make Marana 2040 General Plan Hearing-11/20/19-6:30 PM-Marana Municipal Complex

Please note this was incorrectly posted in a previous blog as starting at 6:00 PM---the actual start time is 6:30 PM. Good news--the conflicting Hiking & Biking seminar scheduled at the Highlands on this same date/time has been moved to January 9, 2020. Please read the blog by Tom Hannagan entitled "Include Tortolita Preserve On All Make Marana 2040 General Plan Maps" to learn why it is important that you attend this hearing.


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