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Tortolita Mountain Fires-Aftermath

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Joe Thomas and Kit Nidever (TA Members) hiked the Wild Burro, Wild Burro Loop and Ridgeline Trails on 11/10/20. Joe provided the following report and photos on the aftermath of Dove Fire. Thanks to Joe and Kit for making this trek and the report!


From our hike today down Wild Burro to Goat Pen, up Wild Burro Loop to Ridgeline. The burn area (see map left) starts on the far side of the Wild Burro wash as one approaches the wind mill, stays on that side as the trail passes the Goat Pen, and extends on both sides of the Wild Burro Loop trail all the way up to the Ridgeline Trail to the ridge overlooking Canyon Pass. The canyon that the Ridgeline trail overlooks is almost completely burned. The burn area ends a ways past the turn along the ridge over Canyon Pass. Fortunately the burn does not go into Canyon Pass, and the second canyon that the Ridgeline overlooks is not burned. The crested saguaro along the Ridgeline was not damaged! 


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