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Tortolita Summer

Tortolita Summer

The summer solstice is 10 days nigh,

And the temps are getting kinda high.

But the early morning you can’t dislike,

A very good time for a wonderous hike.

So up the Wild Burro to Alamo Spring,

A peaceful cathedral where the mountains do sing.

Left the trailhead at four forty-five,

Just me and some rabbits and bats on the dive.

The canyon is cool as there’s always a breeze,

A natural way to lower degrees.

Arrived at the Spring in just fifty-seven,

And the sun popped up, I thought it was heaven.

The brittlebush and grasses have all turned brown,

But our desert is still green, so there’s no need to frown.

The desert spoons are now in full bloom,

With their beautiful flowers shooting up to the moon.

And the banana yuccas have plenty of fruit,

Different sizes and shapes and colors to boot.

There are fields of saguaros all topped in red,

Let’s hope their seeds find a nice comfortable bed.

The rattlers were there but not in my sight,

As I stick to the trail to avoid the bite.

A beautiful morning indeed and not a soul on site,

Just me and the critters but that's all right.

Snowbird, snowbird why did you leave,

You're missing something you would not believe.

Oh well, its not really a bummer,

Cause I will continue to enjoy our great Tortolita Summer.


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