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Tortolita Wild Horses & More

TA Members Kit Nidever and Joe Thomas hiked the Ridgeline Trail on May 31 and saw a herd of wild horses. See photo by Kit above.

A herd of about a dozen wild horses does roam the protected lands in the Tortolita Mountains. Some say wild horses have been in the Tortolita Mountains since the 1920's when they left mountain ranches.

I have not yet seen the herd but will keep hiking up there until I do. Keep an eye out for the wild horses on your next hike.


Hiked the Alamo Springs Trail & Loop early this morning to beat the heat. Things are really dry up there and lets hope we get no dry lightning this summer. Also noticed the saguaro blooms at the higher elevations are limited.

I did not see any wild horses but did see a skunk shuffling into its rock den. This is where I draw the line for wildlife photos---no skunk photos for obvious reasons!

Here is a collage of a few photos taken this morning (left to right and down): dry grass along trail, saguaros with limited flowers, morning light on small peak, thick dry grass along trail, desert spoon flower, desert spoon flower up close. Did you know that the desert spoon (Dasylirion wheeleri) is in the asparagus family!

Have a wonderful week!


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