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Total Victory!

One year ago, Shirley and I retired to our new home in Dove Mountain (Marana). Like many, we moved here because of the Sonoran Desert, Tortolita Mountains, Tortolita Preserve, open space, wildlife, hiking, golf and more.

A few weeks after we moved in, I read the proposed Make Marana 2040 General Plan (General Plan) and to my complete amazement I discovered that the Tortolita Preserve was gone and a proposed Special Planning Area (SPA) was proposed in its place. This prompted my August 12, 2019 General Plan Comment Letter. This Comment Letter was circulated in Dove Mountain and prompted a meeting of five concerned citizens and the Tortolita Alliance (TA) was born.

TA organized quickly and over 200 members attended a critical Planning Commission meeting and Town Council Meeting regarding the General Plan. We were successful in getting the Tortolita Preserve put back into the General Plan and the SPA was eliminated. A fantastic result in such a short time but our work was not done.

The TA Strategic Plan (2020) was developed with input from TA members in January 2020. It includes strategies in 7 key areas: Environment & Education, Water, Development/Financial, Government Watchdog/Political, Agency/Group Collaboration, Communication and Organization.

The TA Strategic Plan called for monitoring and supporting ratification of the General Plan and monitoring and supporting candidate (s) for the upcoming Town Council election.

Well, now we can check off these two items as complete!


Congratulations Jackie!

With 98% of the precincts reporting, it is apparent that Jackie Craig has been elected to the Marana Town Council with 5,449 votes (37.7%). Roxanne Ziegler came in second with 4,830 votes (33.4%) and is re-elected. Dave Bowen received 4,170 votes (28.9%) and was not re-elected.

Many thanks to the Jackie Craig Campaign and all TA members that worked so hard and supported the campaign. This was a true grass roots effort.

Now we have an astute representative on the Town Council with fresh ideas that will work with TA to ensure our mission is fulfilled.


Proposition 478-Make Marana 2040 General Plan A Ratified

Marana voters overwhelming (77%) approved Proposition 478 which ratifies the General Plan that TA worked so hard to get corrected.

Thanks again to all TA members that have supported this effort and voted Yes!


Proposition 479-Alternative Expenditure Limitation

Proposition 479 was also approved with huge support (70%). This was a practical choice to ensure Marana has the funds to function properly.


I have always said, "The government is run by those who show up." Well my friends, we showed up. We now have a representative from Dove Mountain on the Town Council and the Tortolita Preserve and associated lands are protected.

Thanks to everyone for your vote and unwavering support.

This is total victory!

We will pause and celebrate but our work is not done. TA will continue to work with Jackie and the Town of Marana to protect the quality of life that we came here to enjoy.

1 commentaire

Jim Forman
06 août 2020

Mark, thanks so much for all you work on this over the past year! Victory is sweet but you are correct that we have a lot of work ahead.

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