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TP Naturalists

Tortolita Preserve-Cool & Captivating (Mark & Shirley-2/1/23)


The Arizona Master Naturalist Association (AZMNA) held their annual meeting in Tucson on Saturday, January 28, 2023. TA is an AZMNA Partner.

Dave DeGroot (TA Member and Master Naturalist) gave an excellent presentation on the Tortolita Preserve (TP) and the 11/19/22 TP BioBlitz.

Dave provided a historical perspective of TP and outlined the behind-the-scenes planning that occurred among the TP BioBlitz partners including; TA, AZMNA-Pima County Chapter, Marana Parks & Recreation, Coalition For Sonoran Desert Protection, Arizona Game & Fish and Tucson Audubon.

TP BioBlitz was a huge success with 683 observations by 46 observers and 73 identifiers with 136 species identified! This event demonstrated the wonderful natural resource importance of this 2,400 preserve to the Town of Marana and the Tucson region. The TP BioBlitz also fulfilled one of TA's key strategic plan goals.

Dave was instrumental in the development of the TP Bioblitz. He and his grandson (Ethan) have been observing plants, birds and animals in the TP for many years. It was great to see their vision of a community volunteer natural resource survey become reality.

Thanks again to all the TP Bioblitz participants. Keep an eye out---another BioBlitz is being planned for hopefully this Spring!

Dave developed the following Tortolita Preserve Potential Unique Observation sheet which presents some unique birds and plants you might see on your next visit to TP. You can also download it at the link below and keep it in your backpack.

Tortolita Preserve-Potential Unique Observations
Download PDF • 2.17MB


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