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TP West & The Mound

Tortolita Preserve West Looking North & East Toward Dove Mountain From The Mound


Happy New Year!

Hiked the western portion of the Tortolita Preserve (TP) this morning with the Naturalists. This is the portion that is not currently fenced (see pink area on the map below). We started at the utility easements and hiked (bushwhacked) west along the southern boundary to the TP southwest corner (see yellow circle).

This area of TP is normally only visited by cows and occasional Off Highway Vehicles (OHVs). Our goal is to fence the western portion to provide further protection of this beautiful sonoran desert but still allow wildlife migration to occur. Marana Park & Recreation has budgeted funds to construct the fence this fiscal year.

You may have seen an outcropping sticking up out of the desert when driving along Tangerine. We visited this outcropping today and have duly named it The Mound as there does not appear to be an official name. We are told that it is the remnants of ancient volcano activity. Maybe that explains the recent jolts we have experience in Dove Mountain! From the top of The Mound, you great views of the Sonoran Desert and its magnificent saguaros in all directions. It reinforces the need to protect this area forever.

Hope you enjoy the following collage of photos taken today on our hike:


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